QUESTION 4:  Were there any changes in your outlook about life and death since your NDE?

There are changes in NDErs outlook about life and death according to the website:


"The average near-death experiencer comes to regard him or herself as 'an immortal soul currently resident within a material form so lessons can be learned while sojourning in the earthplane.' They now know they are not their body... Eventually, the present life, the present body, becomes important and special again."


There are a number of important changes NDErs undergo according to a JNDS guest editorial by Craig Lundahl, Ph.D.:

1. Losing their fear of death.
2. Not taking life for granted because life is more precious and a wonderful gift.
3. Every human being has a life purpose or mission.
4. Having no doubt an afterlife exists.
5. Believing suicide is not a good option.
6. Learning that social position and wealth are not important.
7. Understanding that gaining knowledge and love are the most important things.