QUESTION 13:  Were there any changes in your jobs / school / interests or hobbies?

According to Dr. Bruce Greyson and Dr. Kenneth Ring's study into "Life Changes Inventory - Revised" changes in the NDErs may include:

1. Changes in concern for material things of life
2. Changes in interest in creating a good impression
3. Changes in competitive tendencies
4. Changes in ambition to achieve a high standard of living
5. Changes in the desire to become a well-known person
6. Changes in the interest in what others think of you
7. Changes in the interest in achieving material success
8. Changes in concern for social values
9. Changes in concern with the welfare of the planet
10. Changes in concern about the threat of nuclear weapons
11. Changes in concern with ecological matters
12. Changes in interest in political affairs
13. Changes in concern with questions of social justice
These changes may or may not reflect changes in your employment, educational interests or hobbies.