QUESTION 15:  Did you have any paranormal experiences (e.g. apparitions) since your NDE?

For a complete list of paranormal experiences, see this Wikipedia article. According to the website:

1. NDErs become quite intuitive after an NDE.
2. Psychic displays can be commonplace such as:
a. Out-of-body experiences.
b. Manifestation of "beings" met in near-death state.
c. "Remembering" the future.
d. Finishing another person's sentence.
e. "Hearing" plants and animals "speak."
4. These psychic displays are not only worrisome to family and friends, they can be frightening to them.
5. The NDEr's religious beliefs do not alter or prevent this amplification of psychic faculties and stimuli. Yet, experiencers willing to learn how to control and refine these abilities, consider them beneficial.