Dr. Liz Dale's Study of Aftereffects of
LGBT and Non-Gay NDEs

Crossing Over & Coming Home Book CoverLiz Dale, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist whose expertise is NDE research within the LGBT community. Her previous book from her first groundbreaking study is entitled, "Crossing Over and Coming Home: Twenty-One Authors Discuss the Gay Near-Death Experience as Spiritual Transformation." Dr. Dale invited NDErs within the LGBT and Non-Gay communities to participate in an online survey (www.lizdale.com/survey.html) regarding their experience and its aftereffects. The online survey is a product of the teamwork between Dr. Dale and Kevin Williams, the webmaster of www.near-death.com. The survey results will be incorporated into a pioneering study and a new book to be published by Balboa Press, a division of Hay House. The following are the survey questions, the preliminary statistics associated with them, and a sample response from each survey questions #2 through #18:

QUESTION 1: Please select the NDE group to which you belong:  LGBT or Non-Gay
LGBT NDErs = 11 = 36.7%  
  Non-Gay NDErs = 19 = 63.3%  
QUESTION 2: Were there any changes in your values /attitudes / beliefs since your NDE other than religious, spiritual or afterlife beliefs?
  YES = 23 = 76.7% 8 LGBT (72.7%), 15 Non-Gay (79.0%)  
  NO =    7 = 23.3% 3 LGBT (27.3%), 4 Non-Gay (21.0%)  

SAMPLE #60: Non-Gay NDEr - After her NDE, she learned about the concept of love, to be good to each other, to have no false kindness, to have sincere compassion for people and animals. She learned how humans need to learn the hard lessons through each life we live.

QUESTION 3: Were there any changes in your personality since your NDE?
  YES = 28 = 93.3% 11 LGBT (100.0%), 17 Non-Gay (89.5%)  
  NO =    2 = 6.7% 0 LGBT (    0.0%), 2 Non-Gay (10.5%)  

SAMPLE #51: Non-Gay NDEr - After her NDE, she had no more problems with sleep apnea which suggests a change in psychology resulting from her NDE.

QUESTION 4: Were there any changes in your outlook about life and death since your NDE?
  YES = 28 = 93.3% 11 LGBT (100.0%), 17 Non-Gay (89.5%)  
  NO =    2 = 6.7% 0 LGBT (    0.0%), 2 Non-Gay (10.5%)  

SAMPLE #52: Non-Gay NDEr - Drowning was his passage back into the Light, an unconditional Loving Light which is all and everything there is. He feels he is here to share his remembrances of being in the Light. In the Light, there is no hierarchy, no judgment, and no separation. We are truly ONE. We are all composed of vibrating strings of energy, unconditional love, vibrating holographic, strings of light.

QUESTION 5: Were there any changes in your religious or spiritual beliefs since your NDE?
  YES = 24 = 80% 10 LGBT (90.9%), 14 Non-Gay (73.7%)  
  NO =    6 = 20% 1 LGBT (  9.1%), 5 Non-Gay (26.3%)  

SAMPLE #29: LGBT NDEr - She discovered the presence of God surrounded by others in spirit form. Upon returning to earth, she was able to revisit the same place. She discovered the Goddess and fell in love with her, studying her origins. Her psychic abilities soared. She became a spiritualist and medium. Her NDE started an emotional healing journey.

QUESTION 6: Were there any changes in your relationships / spouse / partner / friends since your NDE?
  YES = 24 = 80% 7 LGBT (63.6%), 17 Non-Gay (89.5%)  
  NO =    6 = 20% 4 LGBT (36.4%), 2 Non-Gay (10.5%)  

SAMPLE #22: Non-Gay NDEr - He found help in processing the difficult experience he suffered after his NDE from stress, his lost job, and becoming violent towards his girlfriend. He had never acted that way before and it made him very unhappy. He had to end the relationship for a period to "take a grasp" of himself.

QUESTION 7: Were there any distressing aftereffects from your NDE?
  YES = 20 = 66.7% 8 LGBT (72.7%), 12 Non-Gay (63.2%)  
  NO =    10 = 33.3% 3 LGBT (27.3%), 7 Non-Gay (36.8%)  

SAMPLE #44: Non-Gay NDEr - She drowned at the age of five. Since childhood NDE, she has been highly empathic, has no fear of death or dying, has had OBEs, and telepathic thought reception experiences.

QUESTION 8: Were there any changes in your dreams or dream content since your NDE?
  YES = 16 = 53.3% 6 LGBT (54.5%), 10 Non-Gay (52.6%)  
  NO =    14 = 46.7% 5 LGBT (45.5%), 9 Non-Gay (47.4%)  

SAMPLE #43: LGBT NDEr - His dreams became more spiritual with scenes of the future such as meeting someone in a dream first before meeting them in working life and receiving helpful information and advice. He experienced more synchronicity, became more empathic, and more sensitive. It is difficult for him to keep a good connection with those who are less sensitive than he is.

QUESTION 9: Did you have any problems being around electromagnetic fields since your NDE?
  YES = 13 = 43.3% 6 LGBT (54.5%), 7 Non-Gay (36.8%)  
  NO =    17 = 56.7% 5 LGBT (45.5%), 12 Non-Gay (63.2%)  

SAMPLE #32: Non-Gay NDEr - During her second pregnancy (post NDE) she became ill. Her son was born with certain awareness about spiritual matters. After her NDE, she could feel a strong effect on all electronics particularly when stressed or excited. Any extreme emotions can cause light bulbs to blow or phones to shut off or TV to change channels. In telling others about it, she is told she is crazy or looking for attention.

QUESTION 10: Were there any changes in sensitivity to light since your NDE?
  YES = 18 = 60% 6 LGBT (54.5%), 12 Non-Gay (63.2%)  
  NO =    12 = 40% 5 LGBT (45.5%), 7 Non-Gay (36.8%)  

SAMPLE #41: Non-Gay NDEr - His outlook on life and God has changed dramatically. He believes in a higher power now. He is no longer depressed or anxious. He is now glad to be alive. He is a much better person and a much more giving person.

QUESTION 11: Were there any psychological challenges since your NDE?
  YES = 23 = 76.7% 9 LGBT (81.8%), 14 Non-Gay (73.7%)  
  NO =    7 = 23.3% 2 LGBT (18.2%), 5 Non-Gay (26.3%)  

SAMPLE #45: LGBT NDEr - During his NDE, he spoke with a spiritual being who identified herself as "Eclipse". He had much difficulty in post NDE in regards to numerous conditions. He had difficulty remembering simple things. His personality changed. He now feels introverted and had been extroverted before.

QUESTION 12: Was there any difficulty reintegrating after your NDE?
  YES = 23 = 76.7% 10 LGBT (90.9%), 13 Non-Gay (68.4%)  
  NO =    7 = 23.3% 1 LGBT (  9.1%), 6 Non-Gay (31.6%)  

SAMPLE #20: Non-Gay NDEr - He was not able to see the meaning of his NDE such as no angels, no "resulting super powers or insights," no "talks with religious icons," no bright light. He did see a friend who died the same day during his NDE. He ended his testimony by saying "Good luck finding someone who will really know what it's like to make the change."

QUESTION 13: Were there any changes in your jobs / school / interests or hobbies?
  YES = 26 = 86.7% 10 LGBT (90.9%), 16 Non-Gay (84.2%)  
  NO =    4 = 13.3% 1 LGBT (  9.1%), 3 Non-Gay (15.8%)  

SAMPLE #23: Non-Gay NDEr - Her NDE was the result of a horse accident. Afterwards, she didn't work for three months and lead a normal life but with PTSD.

QUESTION 14: Did your I.Q. change after your NDE?
  YES = 10 = 33.3% 5 LGBT (45.5%), 5 Non-Gay (26.3%)  
  NO =    20 = 66.7% 6 LGBT (54.5%), 14 Non-Gay (73.7%)  

SAMPLE #19: Non-Gay NDEr - She heard a voice about going deeper and touching spirit. She found out she was loved by God and how we are all one. She learned to forgive others and learned about the heavens. She knew she was changed forever. She felt like a newborn baby -- a stranger in a new world -- and was joyful for the first time in her life and now "knew the rules."

QUESTION 15: Did you have any paranormal experiences (e.g. apparitions) since your NDE?
  YES = 18 = 60% 6 LGBT (54.5%), 12 Non-Gay (63.2%)  
  NO =    12 = 40% 5 LGBT (45.5%), 7 Non-Gay (36.8%)  

SAMPLE #59: LGBT NDEr - Since his NDE, he has dreams of dead loved ones with messages such as from his grandmother. He now experiences psychokinesis, telepathy, and greater caring. He has also become a paranormal researcher and ufologist.

QUESTION 16: Were there any changes in your feelings of compassion / caring / loving since your NDE?
  YES = 27 = 90% 9 LGBT (81.8%), 18 Non-Gay (94.7%)  
  NO =    3 = 10% 2 LGBT (18.2%), 1 Non-Gay (  5.3%)  

SAMPLE #24: LGBT NDEr - After his NDE, he feels deeply compassionate for all people, animals and nature. He has attended funerals to tell people about his experience. He sometimes goes to hospices to pray for others. He embraces all religions and uses the teachings for his own good and the good of others. He has experienced space and universal travel while sleeping. He has met former friends who have passed over years ago. He has been saved from certain bodily harm by "his Guides and Angels" several times.

QUESTION 18: (Optional) Please enter your NDE story. (YES = Submitted an NDE story, NO = Didn't submit an NDE story)
  YES = 25 = 83.3% 10 LGBT (90.9%), 15 Non-Gay (78.9%)  
  NO =    5 = 16.7% 1 LGBT (  9.1%), 4 Non-Gay (21.1%)  

SAMPLE #10: LGBT NDEr - "I became aware of my body floating upward toward the ceiling. I looked down, and saw a blond-headed physician working on me, and saw my mother sitting on a chair beside me, holding my hand. There was a medical tray beside my head and the doctor was taking things from there to help me. As I floated up, I thought: 'Wow, this is really neat. I must be dying. This isn't so bad. Oh look, there's my mom. Aw, she must be so sad. Wow, this is something - look at the doctor. He might intubate me now. This is kind of interesting.' I felt very light and comfortable, and not the least bit afraid. I was looking down, enjoying the experience, when I thought: 'Oh oh, if I die, then I won't see Maria any more.' Maria was my partner. All of a sudden, I was back in my body and unconscious. I woke up the next day in intensive care."


SAMPLE #3: Non-Gay NDEr - "I remember being in a very bright place that seemed it could be endless. There were 'beings?' near me that communicated to me that I wasn't ready. I seemed to have been in this place a very long time. Then I came back and was put out by the doctors. The place I went to was like a way station . I think and feel it was a place you went before you are reincarnated. I never believed in this before but my thoughts have somewhat changed on the subject. I have pretty much made a full recovery but that last experience has stayed with me as though it just happened."

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