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Nothing Better Than DeathNothing Better Than Death: Insights from Sixty-Two Profound Near-Death Experiences - by Kevin Williams PDF file

This book provides the full near-death testimonies of nine extraordinary experiencers along with summaries of fifty-three of the most profound near-death experiences documented. The author has gleaned insights involving thirteen categories of research conclusions about such topics as pre-existence, life, humanity, religion, spirituality, the future, science, God, heaven, hell, spirit guides, music, time, and reincarnation. A defense of near-death testimony in light of Christian doctrine is presented which proves that NDEs are not unscriptural, are not of the devil, that NDEs and the Bible affirm God is unconditional love, that NDEs and the Bible affirm universal salvation, and that NDEs and the Bible affirm the reality of reincarnation. The Appendix of this book presents the following sections: (a) Notes from this book, (b) A complete NDE bibliography, and (c) Information about the author. The title of this book originated from a profound insight found in NDE testimony which is that NDEs reveal how death is the greatest blessing human beings can ever experience. According to a great number of people who have had an NDE, there is nothing better on Earth than death. One experiencer, Dianne Morrissey said, "If I lived a billion years more, in my body or yours, there's not a single experience on Earth that could ever be as good as being dead. Nothing."

Nothing Greater Than LoveNothing Greater Than Love: The Scientific, Psychological, Parapsychological, Philosophical, Reincarnational, and Religious Evidence of the Afterlife - by Kevin Williams PDF file

The near-death experiences in this book were selected as "exceptional" by myself for various reasons. David Goines had a childhood NDE where he had an interesting conversation with Jesus. Dianne Morrissey saw all three of her bodies during her NDE, her dead body, her soul NDE body which observed everything, and her "higher self" spirit body in the highest heaven. Larry Hagman, the famous actor of "Dallas" and "J.R." fame, had an LSD experience and, later in life, an NDE which was practically identical to his LSD experience. His NDE revelations are among the most beautiful I have ever read. Lou Famoso had an NDE where he was given visions of the future concerning at time when alien intelligences would reveal themselves during a time of great earth changes. For these reasons and more, all these NDEs are exceptional in my view and I am sure you will agree. Dr. Kenneth Ring published a scientific paper in the Journal of Near-Death Studies (Summer, 1993) about people who have had a near-death experience (NDE) of a type providing verified evidence supporting the Afterlife Hypothesis. Such people suddenly find themselves outside of their bodies and observing detailed events happening far away, sometimes hundreds and thousands of miles away, which were later verified by third-parties to have actually occurred. This phenomenon is called "veridical perception" and it is currently unexplainable by modern medical science. Such verified out-of-body observations are highly suggestive of a reality where consciousness can survive apart from the physical body and perhaps survive even death. Should conclusive evidence of veridical perception be found under strict laboratory conditions, it would be one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time. There have been research studies performed, such as the AWARE Study, where hospitals have attempted to monitor cardiac patients for possible NDEs as they occur in the hospital. Targets displaying random images are placed near the ceiling where out-of-body perceptions are more likely to occur during cardiac arrest. There already exists a substantial amount of anecdotal accounts of veridical perception, and it may only be a matter of time before out-of-body veridical perception is proven to exist under strict research controls which will satisfy the skeptics. In this book you will discover even more astonishing evidence supporting the Afterlife Hypothesis.

Nothing Merciful Than ReincarnationNothing Merciful Than Reincarnation: Evidence of Reincarnation in Early Christianity - by Kevin Williams PDF file

Part 1 is an introduction to reincarnation in Christian history including the biblical evidence of John the Baptist as the reincarnation of Elijah the Prophet. The religious concept of the "Resurrection of the Dead" - a massive worldwide reanimation of corpses at the end of time - is a foreign concept originating from ancient Persia - not Judaism or Christianity. Part 2 describes more biblical reincarnating prophets and other holy people; also Jesus' teachings on bodily and spiritual rebirth. Jesus taught Nicodemus that, "You must be born again," which has a literal meaning of bodily "rebirth" (reincarnation), but is also used metaphorically to mean spiritual "rebirth" (regeneration) by the Holy Spirit. Part 3 proves it is God's will that everyone is saved which can only realistically occur through reincarnation. Part 3 also describes how God's law of divine justice (also known universally as "karma") is the same as the law of reincarnation. Universal salvation, like preexistence and reincarnation, was widely believed by Christians and Jews during the first 500 years of Christianity and was championed by the early Church Father Origen. Part 4 describes the biblical case of how God's demand for human perfection and holiness can only realistically occur through reincarnation. Part 4 also describes how God's salvation and judgment "according to works" also can only realistically occur through reincarnation. The belief in the soul "resting in peace" until a final corpse resurrection at the end times makes any personal identity of the soul, salvation, and personal spiritual growth after death impossible. Part 5 describes the biblical doctrines of the preexistence of the soul and the Christian "mystery" of God within human beings as important principles involving Christian reincarnation. The nature of an eternal, immortal, and indestructible human soul/spirit shows that all human beings partake in the divine spirit as Jesus did. Jesus taught, "the Kingdom of God is within you" (Luke 17:20-21) which implies divinity within humanity. An immortal human soul/spirit makes reincarnation a necessity. The Bible describes a "Trinity" (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), three parts of Christ (the Mind of Christ, the Body of Christ, and the Spirit of Christ), and three dimensions of God (light, life, and love) which the three-dimensional enlightened Christian shares (mind, body, and spirit). Part 6 describes more reincarnating biblical personalities including fallen angels as reincarnating human beings. Fallen angels reincarnating as human beings, including Satan and the "fallen" human soul, are described in the Bible, the Book of Enoch, the Book of Jubilees, and the New Testament Apocrypha. Part 7 describes the biblical case for the past lives of Jesus Christ as King David, Melchizedek, Joseph, and Adam. Part 7 includes a final summary of this the book and a final conclusion by the author. Both David and Jesus share titles such as: the anointed one (Messiah), the Holy One, only begotten son, firstborn, Root of Jesse, priest of Melchizedek, and most exalted king of the Earth. The Bible clearly states that David himself will be reincarnated in the Last Days (Hosea 3:4-5; Ezekiel 34:13-24; Ezekiel 37:22-24; Jeremiah 30:1-9). In Acts 15:12-19, the apostle Peter equated rebuilding "David's fallen tent" with the resurrection of Jesus' body. In the Bible, "tent" is a metaphor for the human body (2 Corinthians 5:1; 2 Peter 1:12-13). Part 8 provides references, resources, and links related to reincarnation and Christian reincarnation in particular. Internet links to websites provided include reincarnation main websites and researchers references.

Nothing More Important Than OthersNothing More Important Than Others: Why Loving People Is So Important in Near-Death Experiences - by Kevin Williams PDF file

Nothing is more important than other people. Near-death experiences affirms this fact. Why? Because God is manifest within other people; and how we treat other people is how we treat God. Loving other people unconditionally is the goal for every human being because God is love, and love is God. How we treat other people will determine exactly which afterlife realm we will inhabit after death. Those people who love others the most will inhabit the highest heaven. In other words, the afterlife is about deeds - not creeds - and loving others unconditionally is where God is manifest the most. Giving and receiving love is what produces heaven - it's the only thing we can take with us after death. Loving others is heaven. And love is joy! The more love we have for other people, the more joy we have in our lives. And there are a multitude of heavens of varying degree of love and joy, so that no one goes where they are unwelcome or do not fit in. Birds of a feather flock together. This book reveals the importance of loving others. Three exceptional near-death experiences are provided to make this point. The author's research conclusions includes topics such as the Earth as the "School of Hard Knocks;" the problem of war and evil; the death process; the soul as an orb; the homecoming experienced by NDErs; the intense emotions experienced in NDEs; forgotten knowledge people receive during their NDE; and a description of some of the afterlife realms. This book also includes articles from the author's website showing how love is supreme when it comes to NDEs.

Nothing Wonderful Than HeavenNothing Wonderful Than Heaven: Evidence of the Afterlife from Near-Death Experiences and After-Death Communications - by Kevin Williams PDF file

The wonderful nature of heaven is shown in the profiled near-death experiences of Lynnclaire Dennis, Mellen-Thomas Benedict, and Thomas Sawyer. Included with this is a description of the author's psychedelic, psychotic, psychic and spiritual visions which has ultimately led him to create the #1 website on near-death experiences and the afterlife. Scientific evidence supporting near-death experiences and the afterlife is shown through the author's research conclusions on the soul and spirit, experiences with Jesus Christ, the telepathic nature of the NDE, and the fact that so many experiencers are told (in one form or another) that "they are not ready to die" and must return. Psychological evidence of the afterlife is presented through the author's (and his family's) after-death communications (ADCs) of his mother immediately after her tragic and sudden death from a car accident in 2001. These ADCs continued throughout the decades ending in 2018. An introduction to after-death communications and synchronicity is provided along with a brief and detailed timeline of the author's and family's ADCs. Parapsychology evidence of the afterlife is provided from the late psychic and near-death experiencer Sylvia Browne and her afterlife revelations. Philosophical evidence of the afterlife is provided from the Greek philosopher Plato and his description of Er's near-death experience in his book Republic. An analysis of the near-death experiences of highly educated atheists provides especially interesting evidence because their NDEs result in abandoning their skepticism and atheism. This book also debunks the so-called "pseudoskeptics" of NDEs who tend to be "armchair" skeptics (usually magicians) who do not do the hard work of studying the phenomena. Reincarnation evidence of the afterlife is provided through the revelation of reincarnation in Judaism, early Christianity, and the early Church. Religious evidence of the afterlife is provided through the religious interpretations of NDEs, and article by Dr. David San Filippo. References are also provided.

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