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A Gathering Place for Gay and Non-Gay NDErs alike!


The purpose of this web site is to create a space in which the lesbian / gay / bisexual / transgender (LGBT) near-death experiencer (NDEr) can write about their stories of close encounters they had with death and the effects the experience had on them. We also want to open up this NDE website to others who have an interest in sharing their experience with us.

Crossing Over and Coming Home (the book) is a compilation of (LGBT) experiences and a new edition of this book will be out soon. At some point in the future, we will take the stories from this website and share them in written form within the NDE community. In the meantime, this website is here to begin the process of gathering new stories for these future pursuits. All of the new material collected via email and in written form will be held in strictest confidence! Please use only your first name in the stories and use information about yourself that is not of a confidential nature. Keep in mind how much there is to be learned by NDErs and by others who are concerned about the future of their existence beyond this life. There is much to be learned after having such an amazing spiritual experience as well!

Feel free to contact Dr. Liz Dale at any time to ask any questions you may have. Keep in mind, as stated above, that this new website is for gay and non-gay people alike. We want to make sure all people are invited to share their experiences.

On this page, contact information for this website is displayed below.

On the NDE Questions page, there is a list of questions asked by the authors of Crossing Over and Coming Home and can be used, if you wish, in sending information about your NDE. Some people in the book sent in their out-of-body experience stories. We are happy to accept such stories as well. Just be honest and open. Dying and being reborn is a serious matter. Ask anyone who has come close to a full death experience and has returned to tell about it!

To contact the author or one of the experiencers of Crossing Over and Coming Home, contact Liz Dale, Ph.D at:

EMAIL:           Lizsanpablo@aol.com
ADDRESS:   Liz Dale, Ph.D., P.O. Box 153, Pinole, CA 94564
PRESS:         https://www.prlog.org/12580615-crossing-over-and-coming-home-lgbt-near-death-experiences.html

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