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A new project is under way in the study of the aftereffects of the near-death experience (NDE). We are asking both the lesbian-gay-bisexual and transgender NDEr and the non-gay NDEr to respond to a series of issues relating to the aftereffects of the NDE. But first, let me define the word "aftereffect". An aftereffect refers to any effect your NDE had on you since your NDE. Some well publicized aftereffects are displayed below and a few examples from Crossing Over and Coming Home.

An NDE can change the attitude a person has about their life or death. Also, some NDErs describe feelings of importance. In some people, there are changes in self-confidence. Other people describe a greater sense of life's purpose or a change in their view of life's purpose. Loss of the fear of death has been described as well as having enhanced ideas of the importance in helping others. A belief in heaven, or some afterlife, and a new sense of mission are other examples of aftereffects of having an NDE. This is only a partial list of NDE aftereffects as described in the volumes of NDE stories available in the NDE literature.

This list gives NDErs a series of examples which may or may not be similar to your experience. Not surprisingly, these same issues come up for the LGBT and non-gay NDEr alike.

With an interest in collecting stories, the NDE community would like to look at more examples of the specific meaning the NDE had for you. Since there has never been a study comparing gay and non-gay aftereffects, you are making history! It will be exciting for you to take on this challenge. We will look at gay and non-gay NDE aftereffects with the belief it is possible there may be some differences in the two groups. And yet, there may be very similar stories. When you send in your NDE with its aftereffects, please state if you are in the gay or non-gay group. Please do not use your full name; first names or fictitious names are best. The new NDE aftereffect study is unfunded and no monies will be exchanged. Once enough stories are sent to us via email or mail, and if you agree to be published with the other NDErs, we will submit the stories to the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS). Our goal is to get published in the Journal of Near-Death Studies which is the widely publicized scholarly journal of IANDS.

Below is a brief listing of some of the aftereffects published in Crossing Over and Coming Home. Your NDE aftereffects may be similar or quite different from any of these stories.

Examples from Crossing Over and Coming Home:

Chapter 1:  "My NDE made me feel like I had a purpose here on Earth, a destiny that I had not yet fulfilled."

Chapter 2:  "I knew that there was more work that I had to do. That my life was pre-planned.  I would come to the west coast and devote my life to helping people with AIDS and life-threatening diseases. It would be a great learning experience and I could be a great teacher. That is the way it has turned out."

Chapter 3:  "Since then, I have been attending AA meetings. I feel that my life is going to be more postive, living alone and taking better care of myself. I am very cautious of all people, evil and good. And I pray to God every day to become stronger and more acceptable."

Chapter 4:  "Now I realize dying can be peaceful and non-terrifying."

If you feel you would like to share stories of your aftereffect of an NDE, contact the author or one of the experiencers of Crossing Over and Coming Home.

To send in your story or ask any questions, contact Dr. Liz Dale at:

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