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Below are some areas of interest from the book, Crossing Over and Coming Home, that might be useful in sending us your NDE stories. Feel free to use some of these ideas or simply tell your story via your own narration. Contact information can be found at the bottom of this page. Thanks in advance for your interest in this project!

1. General Items:  Did you have an NDE? Did it change your life in any way? Did it affect your life in any positive or negative way? Did you discuss your NDE with anyone? Did your NDE affect relationships? Did your NDE affect your sexuality?

2. The Tunnel:  Did your NDE include a tunnel? Did you pass through darkness in a tunnel? Was there any sound in the tunnel? Were you pulled through a tunnel? Were there other people or animals in the tunnel? Did you feel peaceful in the tunnel? Did you experience a sort of healing? Did you merge with a light? Did you feel an element of love? Did you share your NDE with others? Did you hear music in the tunnel? Did you meet a religious or spiritual leader? Did you feel fear? Did any questions come to mind? Were there any questions answered that were not asked?

3. The Light:  Did you experience the presence of light? Was the light the same or different as the light on Earth? Did you feel comfort within the light? Did you feel frightened? Did you move into the light? Did a light come from you and/or others? Did you merge with the light? What was the color of the light?

4. The Angels:  Did you have an angel with you in the NDE? Did an angel talk with you? Did an angel offer you advice?

5. The Life Review:  Did you have a life review? Did you see yourself at an earlier age? Did you see yourself with other people or entities? Did other people or beings talk with you about your life? Did you see yourself or others living at another time?

6. Dreams:  Describe your dreams since your NDE.

7. Space Travel:  Did you travel to some other location in your NDE? Did you spend time with others? Did you recognize the people you visited? Did you converse with others? Did others talk with you? Did you encounter animals? Did you travel in a vehicle? Did you move about more or less easily than you do on Earth? Did you travel to some other location in your NDE?

8. Lessons Learned:  Did you learn something new in your NDE? Did your interest in spirituality change in any way? Did other people think you have changed since your NDE? Have you sought assistance since your NDE? Have you noticed a change in your energy level? Have you attended any International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS) groups?

9. Life After Your NDE:  Are you more or less sensitive to light? Did you have problems with your wrist watch? Did your IQ change? Did you share your NDE with other people? Do you have problems with electricity or electromagnetic fields? Did you have any problem reintegrating since your NDE?

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