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We are conducting new research on lesbian / gay / bisexual / transgender NDEs and non-gay NDEs and their aftereffects!

There has never been a study comparing the aftereffects of the lesbian / gay / bisexual / transgender and non-gay NDErs! Please join us in this effort and make history which can be really exciting! The results of this study will be a milestone in NDE research to date. We thank you in advance for this effort!

In collecting stories for Crossing Over and Coming Home, Dr. Liz Dale was able to bring together the lesbian / gay / bisexual / transgender community in telling their near-death experiences. Her book has been a major breakthrough in an area that had never been addressed. Now, once again, we have an opening into unchartered territory: the NDE stories and aftereffects of gay and non-gay experiencers. In this research project, an "aftereffect" can be defined in various ways. What is the personal meaning of your NDE? What did your NDE teach you? How you feel since your NDE? What have you learned on a spiritual level since your NDE? What is your life like now?

When sending your story, please use this format:

Name (optional or anonymous is OK): ___________________________________________

How to contact you: _________________________________________________________

Age at time of NDE: _________________________________________________________

Occupation at time of NDE: ___________________________________________________

Circumstances (What was happening just before your NDE?): ________________________

Describe your NDE: ________________________________________________________

What has been different for you since your NDE?: __________________________________

To send in your story or ask any questions, contact Dr. Liz Dale at:

EMAIL:            Lizsanpablo@aol.com or Lgbtnde0@gmail.com or Glbtnde0@gmail.com
ADDRESS:    Liz Dale, Ph.D., P.O. Box 153, Pinole, CA 94564
PRESS:          https://www.prlog.org/12580615-crossing-over-and-coming-home-lgbt-near-death-experiences.html

Please keep in mind that this project is strictly confidential and voluntary and that all personal information will not be disclosed. If you would like your NDE story and answers to the above questions to be presented on this website, please indicate that in your email or letter.

Keep in mind that you are helping to make history and whatever we discover in our research will be anonymously recorded in unchartered territory of NDE literature. So please feel free to speak out and tell your story for everyone to read and benefit from. For those who haven't had a near-death experience, there is a huge relief to read these NDE stories and realize how virtually all NDErs no longer struggle with the fear of death.

In writing down your story, please be honest. Tell the researcher what to do with your story. Can it be published on this website? Or instead, should your story just be recorded and held in confidence? Could it be considered for future publication, etc.? The International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS) may be interested in publishing this study in their scholarly journal, the Journal of Near-Death Studies. Sending your request and comments in an email would be very helpful.

So come and make history with us! We are very grateful for the time and energy you have spent in coming forward and sharing your life-changing story. Thanks in advance and we're hoping to hear from you in the very near future!

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